Upgrade to Smart Door Lock. Attach & Play in 5 min.

Without re-assembling existing RFID door lock, you can unlock using your smart phone.

Simple and Fast

Simple and Fast

No re-assembling nor changing on the locks needed; just attach iLocky to your existing RFID door lock and it's done.

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Convenient and Safe

Send and share digital keys. iLocky works offline. Internet is unnecessary when unlocking the door. iLocky uses military AES-128bit encrypted technology and records every event log. Burglarproof, man-in-the-middle attack free.

Convenient and Safe

Suits to All RFID Locks

Our iLocky is compatible to EM(125KHz) and Mifare(13.56MHz) .If you can use your metro card as key of your lock, you can use our standard iLocky. If you are not sure what kind of RFID you are using. Take a picture of your RFID device and send your card to us. We can provide customized iLocky for you.

What can I do if I don't have an RFID lock?

We also provide high CP value smart lock where iLocky is embedded. You still can enjoy our service.

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Manage Your Space With iLocky Manager App

Manage Your Space With iLocky Manager App

You can not only instantly upgrade your door with iLocky, but also manage your space by using iLocky manager app.

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Develop Your Awesome Applications with iLocky SDK

We provide both Android and iOS SDK. Developer can use our SDK and REST API to quickly develop more interesting advanced features, such as: access control laboratory management, space management, company personnel report management, meeting room booking system...etc.

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