Demo Kit & Development Kit

Demo Kit & Development Kit

Attach & Play is not a joke or a mission impossible. See what we do in the following video:

Now you can have this magic trick with our demo kit.


We provide a small RFID lock with our iLocky. You can attach & play in 1-min. With this demo kit, you are able to do the following things:

  • learn this magic trick.
  • pitch to your potential customers.
  • shock your customer that they can enjoy a fantastic space management system without changing their existing system.
  • understand the setup flow of iLocky.

Sounds great, right?

If your are interested in our demo kit/development kit, please contact

One demo kit contains:

  1. one standard RFID-to-Bluetooth iLocky (13.56MHz mifare)
  2. RFID lock with standing panel
  3. one RFID card (13.56MHz mifare)
  4. four AA batteries

This is our demo kit tutorial video: